Our team of renovation specialists, architects, designers, production staff, providers, and tradesman operate effectively together using the UA Contracting Planning Procedure, guiding you throughout your entire whole home renovation form the very beginning all the way to completion.

No matter the complexity of your whole home renovation, we all have great pride in knowing that our system and processes that have been developed over the years, will make sure you achieve a successful final result. Our home redesign projects incorporate the very best of industry standards, quality craftsmanship and the person nuances unique to your family’s requirements.

If you have several renovation requirements but would like to renovate in phases, we will help you assess your overall goals and make a plan of execution which makes the most sense and ensures any unnecessary expenses or redundancies are avoided.

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Our Home Improvement 3 Step System

We appreciate that renovating or building a custom home can seem intimidating and we understand implicitly the emotional highs and lows homeowners experience throughout each phase of the build process. That is exactly why we developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to provide advice, transparency and the essential information to help put you at ease and feel confident in your decision to transform your residence. Through each step of your renovation or custom build, our purpose is to become predictable, so you understand what to expect and can be as ready and informed as you can.

At the conclusion of each home project, a third party client interview is conducted to gather invaluable insight from our clients. We then use this information to fine tune our Construction Planning Process so we can always learn and make improvements; remaining true to our commitment to delivering the very best customer experience possible.

UA Contracting’s Interior Designer/Selection Coordinator will meet with you throughout the time period involving contract approval and actual project start date in order to complete all substance and product selections.
This section fondly called the ‘shopping platform’ is enjoyable because of the unique level of service provided by our in-house Interior Design Specialist. Every customer is entrusted to all our trusted vendors & providers for each item impacted by the renovation or custom build, such as paint & color choices, millwork & custom built-ins, fireplace selections, floors, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, balusters etc..

The ‘project crafting stage’ is time-sensitive, simply because the project cannot start with no ‘critical-path’ items chosen on time. By way of instance, UA Contracting could not start the framing stage without the window choices and sizes done. For this reason, we have developed a deadline and product selections document given to the customer and Selections Coordinator in order to ensure adherence to the schedule.

During the building Phase, UA’s Project Supervisor has been tracking quality management has been a top priority; our purpose is to minimize corrections recognized through the finished walk-through.

Throughout the Final Delivery, a thorough checklist will be assessed, ensuring that the turn-over (transition from structure to ownership) is as easy as possible. Any deficiencies identified will be resolved within 10 business days of ownership.

No matter what Contracting Company you choose for your job, we believe you deserve to be properly educated by an authority in the industry; our goal is to help offer you the resources required to assist you to navigate your way to a thriving Renovation or Custom Home Build. These resources are intended to help guide you in everything you need to expect in all stages of your project — Before, During and After your Renovation or Custom Home Service.


Selecting UA Contracting for top end renovations in Calgary means you will be surrounded by a group of architects, interior designers, production staff, trades, administrators, and Renovation Consultants who aren’t only dedicated to serving your loved ones, but that have a history of decent Customer Reviews to their design-build remodeling Calgary projects. This includes our in-house artisans that produce the custom cabinetry and fine millwork featured in our project galleries beneath the our Custom Cabinets brand new. The aim of Pinnacle’s entire process is to leave no stone left unturned; such that this level of planning before the start of any renovation or custom home build, mitigates unforeseen costs and project delays.

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Our company will provide you with a free consultation for all your renovation needs. We are here to help you and give you the necessary tools to make an informed decision.

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Our service support team is available to help you with any of your needs. This includes future projects and also past job completions. When you work with us we will make sure all your construction needs are met.

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