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The soffit, fascia and Calgary eavestrough are a part of the roof of your home but are commonly substituted and updated when replacing the siding of your home. On older homes, the soffit and fascia were both wooden and needed to be painted and scraped (sometimes every couple of years – especially if the fascia has been facing the sun daily and when painted a darker shade). In Calgary and surrounding communities, we now substitute the soffit and fascia with maintenance free aluminum materials for the following reasons:


  • They will not need to be painted and they won’t rust, crack or chip
  • Aluminum is non-combustible, in case of fire
  • Aluminum is easy to keep clean and does not attract dirt


The soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave. Whenever you’re standing right beside your house and you look up into where the roof line matches the side of your house, you’ll be taking a look at the soffit. The soffit can either be vented or strong depending on the way the attic is vented to the exterior. The vented soffit contains aluminum panels with little holes that allow for air flow into the attic and backspace. Airflow is an extremely important role as it removes moisture in the attic area that would eventually allow the development of mold growth and wood decay at the sheathing and roof trusses (rafters).


It’s the major board on which your eaves or rain gutter is mounted and is fixed directly to the roof trusses. It generally does all of the work of behind the bottom row of shingles in addition to carrying all of the Rain into the eavestrough.

Your Calgary eavestrough are also known as gutters collect leaves, dirt and other debris, it’s crucial to keep them tidy and free-flowing to stop serious harm to your home.

Our gutter cleaners will drain clean and unblock all your gutters and downspouts, which can prevent them from overflowing, protecting your home from potentially hazardous water damage.

Clogged and failed gutters would be the primary source of water infiltration in your home’s foundation. Regularly scheduled care of your Calgary eavestroughs will divert water away from your home in addition to your decks, sidewalks and will also help prevent staining on the exterior of your home, saving you costly repairs later on.

Gutters can be hard — particularly when your home has lots of peaks and curves which are simply too hard to reach. Rather than trying to install an eavestrough all on your own, contact UA Contracting for a customized solution. With us on your side, you may rest assured we could design your gutter system and also go the extra mile to meet your individual requirements.

Options for Our Calgary Eavestrough Materials.

Take advantage of our eavestrough installment expertise in Calgary a and let’s give you advice on the gutters that are most compatible with your own property. We have many materials available which are best suited to various climates and present roofing materials. Before we perform a job, our roofers will scrutinize your current roof and supply our recommendations, a quote, and expected deadline.

We have developed long-term relationships with a reliable and recognized trade and supplier network that share our core values; they’re intimately familiar with UA Contracting’s expectations, processes, and systems. Whether you require an upgrade to your existing electric panel, preparation, and planning of light fixtures, window replacement demands or smart wiring and technology demands, our team will collaborate on every aspect to make sure we provide you with a seamless solution to meet your needs and budget.


This winning combination is the reason why we are the only Renovator to guarantee our customers project launch dates, completion dates and costs with our satisfaction guarantee.

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