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If you are looking for a reputable full-service builder, look no further. We’ve got the expertise you need and the support you can trust, at a price you can afford. Call us today for a free professional onsite consultation and estimate for your job.

Wood Fence Construction (pressure treated & Gamble) – Affordable solutions for all of your timber fencing needs. Our quality Calgary fence builders can design and build the fence that suits your needs and your budget. Low cost doesn’t have to mean low price. Our deck contractors are highly efficient while keeping close attention to detail. The jobs are all finished by our full-time employees of red seal carpenters.

If you want a longer lasting, virtually maintenance free decking solution, we recommend investing in title brand composite pipes. Our deck builders have lots of experience installing composite deck materials on stress treated frames.

In some cases, your fence or deck could be removed and replaced on the same day (ask for details).

 Our Calgary Fence Building System Is Made Simple

  • Meet with our job estimator to go over your design and expectations.
  • Review your aggressive quote. We work hard and efficiently to lower your cost of construction.
  • A signed quote is we will need to book your job. No deposit required.
  • Once we get your acceptance you will be given your anticipated start and completion date.
  • Timely completion. We work on a first-in, first-out foundation (your project will not be bumped for any other job).
  • We don’t take on more work than we can handle, ensuring high quality and rapid conclusion.
  • Your locates will be marked holes dug and articles set prior to the official start date.
  • Construction starts. Expect about a single day of building per 70′.
  • High-quality finish. Our fences are constructed by Journeyman carpenters.
  • We guarantee to treat you with respect and integrity from beginning to finish.


Our Calgary Fence Professionals Provide Quality

We never compromise on quality. Our teams are lead by Journeyman carpenters. All our rails are wrapped with joist hangers (that offers superior strength and durability). In addition, we use screws for all our structural attachments (Where most businesses use nails or even staples to get done faster, but sadly leave behind an inferior fence).

We put concrete in every post. Many companies save time and money by only putting terminal posts in concrete. We like to overbuild so you’ve got a fence which lasts and will stay straight and plumb for its lifespan.

When installing our gates we all add a header bar to make certain your frame remains steady. In addition, we brace our gates with steel gate kits to ensure they stay tight and counteract sagging. The gates on most Calgary fencing projects would be the weak link, where things start to settle and latch no more align, or the gate no longer closes properly. business – a warranty from a really small company or solitary person is generally worth far less than a guarantee from a reputable larger company that has been established for many decades.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here Are A Few Questions To Ask When Hiring Any Calgary Fencing Contractors

Ask if a deposit is required – Reputable fence builders and deck contractors don’t need to ask a client for a deposit to start work. A decent builder needs to have the financial ability to buy stuff up front, and the confidence to provide the final project in order to get paid for the job when completed.

Ask about insurance and licenses – Hiring a “handyman” or someone doing building work “on the side” to create a deck or fence may cost a little less up front, but there are numerous dangers involved if they do not have the right license or insurance. If a person gets hurt during structure for instance, you might be responsible by means of your homeowner’s insurance. Fence builders don’t need to get building permits, but deck builders often do therefore this will often be a problem for unlicensed deck contractors. Professional fencing and deck builders will constantly carry insurance and the proper business licenses.

Ask about extra charges – Sometimes you’ll obtain an “estimate” out of a fencing provider or a deck firm instead of a “quotation”. Often times other builders will add extra charges along the way that may or may not be confirmed with the homeowner. If you’ve already committed to the project with a specific fence and deck contractor, it can be more difficult to contest any extra charges on the way. Fence and deck jobs generally have little if any cost changes on the way, so make sure you are getting a price “quotation” in writing that will represent the final invoice for the project as described.

Ask your Calgary fence company if they use nails – Utilizing a nail gun is faster than simply sitting, and some people will try to convince you that claws are a much better solution for various reasons, however, the fact is that nails will fail sooner than screws from outside fence & deck structure. You will need to make sure you are selecting a company that is using the suitable grade of outdoor screws which are approved for use in the material being used.

Ask about a warranty – A reputable builder should offer a guarantee on the workmanship of the finished job. The substance warranty, if appropriate should also be passed along to the homeowner and will vary in terms and duration. The labor warranty should be at least two years to allow for full exposure to all four seasons a couple of times – this will expose any workmanship problems that would have to be dealt with. Also consider that a guarantee is only beneficial if the company remains in business.

Our Pricing


4×4 Pressure Treated Posts


4×6 Pressure Treated Posts


4×4 Ceader Posts


4×6 Ceader Posts

Would You Like to Know More?

Wood fencing comes in so many distinct styles and gives a natural long-lasting barrier at an inexpensive price. You can expect to get about 20-30 years out of your new Calgary fence when you use UA Contracting.

Cedar is a beautiful pick because it is obviously resistance to rot with no treatment. It has a constant grain and color. Of course, you can not beat the smell of your new fence after completion!

We also install fences with two kinds of pressure treated wood, Brown treated and Treated Green. Pressure treated forests are coated and then exposed to high pressure to infuse the corrosion resistant substances into the cells of the timber. Treated Green is the most inexpensive choice, while treated brownish offers the look of cedar and the cost-effectiveness of wood. Legislation has eliminated the use of dangerous substances in the treatment process making it a safe selection for households with children. You can discover more about treated wood products at (Canadian Wood Council).

Residential fences in Calgary could be assembled up to 6.5 ft high. We build residential timber fences in many fashions. From standard privacy applications to complex modern layouts, which may consist of custom articles, caps, windows, and arbors. In case you have some gate styles in mind such as Z framework, Arched, or double swing/sliding gates it could be carried out. It is a good idea to have a look at your community or search the internet to find styles that match your taste.

Call us if you have any questions about our Fence services or would like to reserve your free consultation!

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